Basic KYC Deliverables and Expectations

Basic KYC Deliverables and Expectations

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Checklist to maximize your value from this verification

Thank you for Applying for KYC Verification!

Once you have Filled in all the Information in our Verification dApp and Booked the Call, you are all Set for the KYC. Once the Call has been completed, you can expect to get the results of your verification within 48 hours or within 24 hours (expedited delivery). This package explains how to fully leverage your verification for maximum market credibility. This explains the contents of the delivery package & also provides directions on how to prepare for the KYC Verification.

Numbers Listed after Items (e.g. 1️⃣ ) Indicate the Number of Items in the Detailed List Below

Assure Defi Deliverables

Gold Standard KYC Verification 1️⃣
Custom Dedicated Webpage & Listing on 1️⃣
KYC Certificate + Public Github Listing 1️⃣
Assure Defi Brand Assets 3️⃣
Access to a Private Networking Group of Verified Founders, Partners & Suppliers 4️⃣
Access via Call with a Dedicated Growth Manager 5️⃣

Things to do

Announce KYC using your KYC Certificate 1️⃣
Add Verification Badge on Website with Link back to your KYC Approval Page 2️⃣ 
Claim KYC Verification Badge on Major Platforms (Gempad, PinkSale, Unicrypt, DxSale, etc) 2️⃣ 
Use Assure Brand Assets as part of your Twitter and Telegram Banner 3️⃣
Join the Assure Network 4️⃣ 
Schedule a Marketing Strategy Call with Assure Network Manager 5️⃣ 
Give us Feedback 6️⃣ 
Claim FREE RT after you complete all the Steps 7️⃣ 

1) Proudly broadcast your verification on your social media

1) Twitter and Telegram Use a Pre-drafted message (available in your Delivery Package post-KYC Approval) to announce your verification from your Twitter and Telegram. 2) KYC Verification Certificate

Use your certificate to display proof of KYC verification. It will act as a good graphic for your KYC announcement on Twitter and Telegram.

Github Certificate Link: (available in your Delivery Package)

2) Verification Badge

Get a Verification Badge on the Platform of your Choice (PinkSale, Gempad, etc)

To get the Badge on the Platform of your choice, share with their Team the Github KYC Certificate Link Above (available in your Delivery Package) ⬆️

Add Verification Badge to your Website

Click below to access the verification badges that can be added to your Website:

**(available in your Delivery Package)**

Adding an Assure Verified badge can boost conversion rates by demonstrating your commitment to transparency and investor security.

3) Integrate Assure DeFi’s Verification Assets in your Content

These assets serve as visual proof that your brand is secure and reliable, giving users and investors peace of mind & setting you apart from competitors. Incorporate it into your marketing materials, such as Whitepaper, pitch deck, sales material, etc, to establish trust with your target audience

Assure Defi Assets (available in your Delivery Package)

Sample Usage in Media


4) Join the Assure Network

As part of your package, you will be invited to Assure Network, a community of our Verified Clients, Partners, and Suppliers.

You can join using these links:

AN Telegram: (available in your Delivery Package)

AN Discord: (available in your Delivery Package)

5) Schedule A Marketing Strategy Call w/ Assure Network Manager

Your chosen package will include a Marketing Strategy Call with our Assure Network Manager ⬇️ You can book it using: (available in your Delivery Package)

Agenda of Call

  • Understanding the Current Marketing Strategy
  • Best Practices of Web3 Marketing
  • Assure Network Marketing Services Introduction (Assure Network Marketing Services)
    • Call Channels
    • Influencers
    • Press Release
    • AMAs
    • Giveaway
    • Custom Marketing Plan
    • Advisory Services
    • Community Management
$50 in Assure Network Marketing Credits IF you Attend the Call You will receive $50 in Assure Network credits that can be redeemed against any Assure Network Marketing Services. Mention Verified50 at the time of placing an order to redeem your credits. Credits expire within 30 days of receiving this client delivery package. Contact: for more info.

6) Give us Feedback on our Services

Once everything is complete, we will require Feedback from you, as are committed to providing the most excellent quality of services to our clients such as you & value your feedback tremendously to improve our offering. Could you help us by rating our services from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) on the following 3 points: A) Overall Satisfaction & Experience B) Value for Money C) Customer Service Send the response over in the Telegram Group Chat that we have.

7) FREE RT from Assure Defi Twitter Account for KYC Approval Announcement

You can get a FREE RETWEET from Account (25K+ Following) for the KYC Approval Announcement you have made on your Official Twitter Account Steps to do:

  • Complete All the Steps Above
  • Let us know in the Group Chat in TG once all the above steps are Complete
  • Share with us the Tweet Announcement Link in Group Chat with our Team
  • Earn the RT from us for FREE