Approval Date
July 19, 2023

Checklist to maximize your value from this verification

Congratulations on the successful verification! This page will help you understand how the package can be useful. This explains the contents of the delivery package & also provides some direction on how to best use what we're giving you.

1) Schedule your verification announcement on our social media

Contact https://t.me/AssureDeFiSales to schedule your verification announcements to be published on our Twitter account and TG channel. We try to align with your marketing calendar.

2) Proudly broadcast your verification on your social media

1) Twitter Use this Pre-drafted message to announce your verification from your Twitter and Telegram. Simply click on the link/text below to preview and tweet it out. Click here to preview and announce using a pre-written Twitter announcement Copy and Paste this draft on your Telegram or Twitter: Pre-Written Announcement DraftPre-Written Announcement Draft

2) Announcement Media (Graphic NFT/Videos) to support your content

Use and share these graphics with your community


3) Add the Verification Badge to your site

Click here to access the verification badges that can be added to your Website:
Verification Badges For WebsiteVerification Badges For Website

Adding an Assure Verified badge can boost your conversion rates by demonstrating your commitment to transparency and investor security.

4) Integrate Assure DeFi’s Verification Assets in your Content

These assets serve as visual proof that your brand is secure and reliable, giving users and investors peace of mind & setting you apart from competitors. Incorporate it into your marketing materials, such as Whitepaper, pitch deck, sales material etc, to establish trust with your target audience

Assure DeFi Assets.zip733.1KB
Telegram Sticker Pack

5) Join the Assure Network & claim $100 in AN Marketing Services

As part of your package, you guys are invited to Assure Network, a community of all of our Verified Clients, Partners, and Suppliers. You can join using these links:

AN Telegram: https://t.me/+b4k-2nzyy2pmOTg0

AN Discord: https://discord.gg/k8A8kuCX7D

$150 in Assure Network Marketing Credits You have received $100 in Assure Network credits that can be redeemed against any Assure Network Marketing Services. Mention Verified100 at the time of placing an order to redeem your credits. Credits expire within 30 days of receiving this client delivery package. Contact t.me/assuredefisales for more info.

6) Schedule A Free Growth Consultation Call w/ Assure Network Manager

Your chosen package includes a Growth focused call with our Assure Network Manager. You can book it using: https://calendly.com/metabeelu